Liesel Love

Liesel Love was created by designer Heidi Girard. Heidi has had a passion for Jewelry since a very young age. She is always inspired by geometric lines and sparkly gemstones. She is skilled in stone setting, CAD design, wax carving, and soldering. Every Liesel Love piece is handmade by Heidi.

Liesel Love was born in the year 2013. Heidi was living and struggling in NYC. She always had multiple jobs just to get by. When the idea of LL came about, she rented out her bedroom and slept on the floor of her closet to finance her first collection. Since then, LL has been lucky to have had over 6,000 five-star reviews, features in multiple Etsy commercials, placements in British Vogue, British Glamour, Italian Vogue, and GQ.

Sustainability is important to the Liesel Love brand. All gemstones and diamonds are ethically sourced. Our packaging is Eco friendly and a portion of each sale contributes to reduce carbon emissions.

The name Liesel refers to Heidi's grandmother- A woman Heidi deeply admires and looks up to.

Heidi now lives in Austin Texas with her wonderful fiancé and two hound dogs.

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